Coach Erica

Hi my name is Erica, Coach Erica

I absolutely love being here at ISC. My journey started 2010 when I took my first Zumba class. I have been a dancer all my life so when I took Zumba it just felt comfortable and real. I fell in love with the class and got certified that same year.

I started teaching while I was going to college just small classes in the All Girls Gym and later I became part of the schools Health and Wellness department. Even though I loved teaching I was doing my prerequisites for Physical Therapy and being a fitness instructor was just a fun thing to do in my spare time. As time went on my classes grew and I start hitting the gym every morning working on gaining muscle and leaning out and again it just felt and came naturally. As I was putting in my applications for graduation school realized that Personal Training and Group Fitness was what I was meant to do. It just felt right and comfortable. After graduating with my degree in Health Science I came back to Sacramento and attended National Personal Training Institute and the rest is history.

Now I am living the dream coaching here at ISC doing strength, conditioning and spin classes and loving every second of it. Can’t wait to meet you maybe we can even do a few dance moves together.


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