Meet For Yoga Instead Of Coffee With A Friend

One thing you simply can’t buy is time. Sure, you can create more time for yourself by paying someone to do extra tasks for you or buy the latest labor saving devices, but you have to earn the money to do that and it takes time. Making every minute count is important. Socializing with friends and regular exercise are also important. In order to maximize the use of your time, you can meet for yoga instead of coffee and you’ll get the benefits of socializing and exercising at once.

You’ll get rid of stress faster than you would talking over coffee.

While you may find a solution to your problem when talking with a friend. That doesn’t get rid of that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. That’s stress, my friend, and any type of exercise helps burn off the hormones created by stress and leaves you feeling good. Yoga also encourages relaxation to help you make it through the balance of the day and any tough times that lay ahead. You’ll think clearer and probably be able to come up with the perfect solution on your own.

You’ll build both strength and flexibility with yoga.

If you have ever seen someone go through the various yoga poses, you probably can tell it stretches you muscles and helps you improve your range of motion, leaving you far more flexible each time. However, most people don’t realize just how good yoga is at building strength, too. Not only do they relieve muscular tension, they build the muscle strength in the process. Once you try to hold a pose for a short period, you’ll know why it builds strength. It’s tougher than you think.

Yoga helps to relieve pain and to lose weight.

There are presently several studies that show how helpful yoga is in pain relief. The combination of practicing the asanas, focused breathing and meditation can help with a number of painful conditions, such as MS, arthritis, cancer and auto-immune disease. It aids in lowering blood pressure, too. The reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone associated with abdominal fat, is one way it helps to shed pounds even in the least active type of yoga. Many people say that yoga helps you get in touch with your body, which helps you to eat healthier and eat less naturally.

  • You’ll improve your breathing. The focus on slower deeper breaths not only helps lung function, it triggers a relaxation response, while also improving oxygen levels.
  • Yoga is cardio-friendly. No matter what your present shape, it can help improve your cardiovascular system in safely.
  • Yoga helps improve your mental functioning. It improves memory, concentration, reaction time and co-ordination.
  • You’ll be relaxed and happier when the session is through and be able to talk with your friend in a more productive manner, finding solutions rather than just complaining.

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