Say Yes Before You Can Say No

If you’re debating starting a program of healthy eating and regular exercise, say yes before you can say no. It’s too easy to find reasons that now is not a good time to begin a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, once you postpone starting, the drive to begin often falls to the wayside and it’s put on hold indefinitely. There are so many reasons to start today, one of which is to salvage the muscle mass you already have. Every decade from thirty on, if you don’t exercise, you lose up to five percent of your muscle mass. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get back on track.

Eating healthy can keep your body slender and make dieting unnecessary.

Learning to eat healthier not only takes pounds off, it keeps them off permanently. The more you learn, the more tricks and tips you’ll have to enjoy every bit of life, including food, but never worry again about an ever growing midriff. You’ll also be healthier and find you have far more energy because you’ve fed your body the right fuel. Eating healthy can keep you looking younger, too. It helps all parts of your body from the crown of your head down, including your complexion. Don’t wait to see the first wrinkle to start. Even if you have massive wrinkles, eating healthy can still help your complexion. A healthy diet is a great weapon against aging.

Exercise boosts your energy and creates the extra time to workout, PLUS MORE.

I hear so many people say they just don’t have time right now to start a healthy lifestyle. Those are the people that actually need to workout and eat healthier. Busy people live a stressful life. Successful busy people often have just as many stressors, but they take time to exercise and eat healthy. They often find it boosts their energy level and reduces the potential for illness. One of the reasons many top executives have a personal gym in their office or are members to exclusive health clubs is that they know that a healthy lifestyle gives them the energy to succeed.

Don’t let your metabolism slow. Exercise to prevent that from happening.

The more sedentary you are, the more you’ll tend to be and the harder it will be to lose weight. That’s because your metabolism slows the older you get…unless, you take action to prevent that from happening. No matter how out of shape you are, you can still slow, stop and reverse that process by starting a program to develop muscle mass, but it is harder the longer you wait. Strength training will burn extra calories and boost weight loss, but also builds muscle mass that can boost your metabolism.

  • It’s never too late to change to a healthy lifestyle. Even senior citizens who never worked out previously, benefit greatly from it. Don’t wait until you start to see physical changes, say yes before you have a chance to say no.
  • You’ll save time at the doctor and stay healthier when you workout. Within weeks after starting, you’ll notice the change.
  • You’ll reduce the risk of injury doing simple tasks when you workout regularly. Strength, flexibility and balance training can help prevent pulled and strained muscles.
  • The more you learn about healthy eating, the more freedom you have when it comes to food. Sometimes just substituting one food for another, such as brown rice for white, can save calories and provide more nutrition.

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