2 Tips To Master Weightlifting Movements: *BONUS* Open Gym Program

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By Austin Gwaltney

Weightlifting is the perfect blend of speed, strength, and power. When you are able to perform weightlifting movements with a high degree of proficiency, many aspects of your athletic ability will improve. Your ability to jump higher, be flexible, and run faster will increase and improve. The reason being, you are essentially jumping with heavy weights every time you lift and quickly changing direction to get under the bar.

How do I improve in weightlifting? First off, practice perfect technique before adding on additional weight. The better your technique, the safer and easier it will be to improve in regards to lifting more. Track your weights lifted. Tracking your progress is not only motivating, but it allows you to consistently challenge yourself in a measurable, safe, and objective way. The lifts to track are your cleans/ power cleans, snatches/ power snatches, jerks/ push-press, and back squat/ overhead squat/ front squat. Now it is optimal to track everything; however, if you can just track these movements you will be well on your way to getting better in a measurable objective way.

Where do I go from here? Get in as much practice as possible, even if it is just with the bar.

Here is a sample program to do on open gym days at the gym:

( a snatch or clean is always from ground and with a full depth squat unless indicated otherwise)

( A jerk is always split jerk unless indicated as a power jerk or push jerk)

Snatch Specific Practice
Should take between 45 min- 1hr 15 min to complete.
(rest 1-3 minutes between sets)
Warm-ups with the bar for two sets
Hang Power Snatch 4×3 @ 70%
Snatch 5×2 @ 80%
Snatch Pull From Above Knee 5×3 @ (100% of max snatch weight)
Overhead Squat 5×3 @ Moderate Effort

Clean and Jerk Specific Practice:
Should take between 45 min- 1hr 15 min to complete.
Warm-ups with the bar for two sets
Power Clean + Power Jerk 3×3 @ 70%
Clean+Jerk 5×2 @ 80%
RDL 5×5 @ 90% (max clean)
Front Squat 5×3@ Moderate Effort

Ask one of the coaches at the gym to watch your technique, and get to work! Email any questions to info.teamisc@gmail.com.

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