Best Cardio to Burn Fat Fast

cardioI like to think that our workouts are based on finding the best fat burning exercises. Not all of these are cardio workouts, so here are a few of the best cardio to burn fat fast. You might notice some overlap with strength training and/or flexibility training. That’s because some exercises provide more than one type of fitness workout. That’s one reason we get more results in a shorter period. We find the most effective workouts to provide overall fitness while turning your body into a calorie burning inferno.

Kettlebells are good for every type of fitness.

I love kettlebells for a variety of reasons. Not only are they inexpensive compared to other types of equipment, they’re extremely efficient, providing a cardio workout while also adding flexibility, strength and balance training in the mix. Kettlebells blast away calories for a number of reasons. You’re not moving in one direction all the time and giving your stabilizer muscles a good workout since the kettlebells keep you slightly off balance. You’ll burn 400 calories in 20 minutes using this great tool.

HIIT—high intensity interval training—is good.

There’s a number of ways to use the HIIT approach, but they all boil down to the same thing, vary your intensity. If you’re running, run at top speed for a while—2 minutes to 10 minutes and then go back a recovery speed for the same amount of time or longer. The same is true for bike riding, swimming or any other form of aerobic exercise. One study at the University of New South Wales divided overweight women into two groups. One group rode bicycles at a consistent pace for 40 minutes, while the other did a cycle of 8 seconds at maximum with 12 seconds of light effort for just 20 minutes. At the end of the study, the group that did the interval style bicycling lost three times more weight than the other group. That’s an amazing result! It took half the time to lose three times as much weight!

Pack on some weight with your cardio.

Adding weight to any cardiovascular workout will help burn calories faster. Weight training is the ultimate calorie burner. No matter what your cardio workout, add extra weight to it. Get ankle weights for treadmills and carry weights or use ankle weights as you walk or run. When you combine it with high intensity interval training, you’ll shed pounds faster.

Fast paced circuit training helps burn loads of calories, especially if part of the circuit is resistance training.

Jumping rope may seem old fashioned, but it’s a great calorie burner. It burns 13 calories a minute, which is far better than jogging.

Fat tire biking or off road biking is a huge calorie burner. The amount you burn varies by your ability, the terrain and your present fitness level.

Kickboxing, just like kettlebells, provide overall fitness, burn large amounts of calories and is fun to do.

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