Turn Any Space In Your Home Into A Gym

Turn Any Space In Your Home Into A Gym

You can turn any space in your home into a gym with a little creativity and if you use the right type of exercises. Some exercises are more conducive for use in small places. Working with kettlebells, for instance, could be disastrous if you’re doing it in a small living room. Even with careful planning for space, the potential for damage is great. One simple way to get cardio exercise works well if you have steps in the house. Simply run up and down the steps to speed up your heart rate and work your muscles. It’s one reason coaches have their team do stadium laps. Don’t wait until you have a whole basket of items to carry to a room. Run up or down the steps to put away just one item. When you’re using steps for a workout, being efficient isn’t important.

Create your own weights.

If you have a scale, you can create your own weights from items you already have in the house. Plastic milk bottles, large vinegar containers and even distilled water containers can be filled to create weights for your gym. If you’re feeling particularly strong, use 35 lb plastic kitty litter buckets filled with as much sand as you need to achieve the weight you desire. You can adjust the weight by adding or subtracting sand. If you know anyone with cats, they’ll often jump at the chance to get rid of them. (Most people save them because they like way too useful and end up with dozens of extras,) Large cans, like bean cans, can also be used.

Straight back chairs and the kitchen counter are a useful part of the gym.

There are a number of exercises you can do with a chair as your equipment, from chair dips to seat taps—basically marching and swinging the arms but lifting your leg high enough to tap the seat of the chair. A kitchen counter can provide a surface for a vertical push up. If you’re busy, you can get extra exercise by putting more pizzazz in each task. Raise and lower your body by going up and down on the balls of your feet while you’re doing dishes or cooking. For those with a dishwasher, load it one dish at a time, squatting each time you do.

Buy or create your own exercise mat.

You don’t have to have a special yoga mat or exercise mat to workout. You can make do with a long runner or even a large throw rug. Yoga mats, however, aren’t that expensive and can be used for other workouts besides yoga. Just name it your exercise mat and make sure you keep it clean. You can also create your own mat from smaller inexpensive mats you Velcro together. You can stitch fabric and cotton batting to create a yoga mat, if you like to do home projects.

Exercise bands are inexpensive and a good addition to any home gym. They don’t require a lot of space for storage either.

Go free form for exercise and turn on your favorite music. Dance away in the privacy of your home doing interesting movements that add variety, while building your cardio endurance.

A stability ball doesn’t take much space, but can provide a good workout when used properly.

Core sliders or exercise sliders are extremely inexpensive and great for building core strength.

Monthly Exercise Calendar

Monthly Exercise Calendar

A monthly exercise calendar can take the guesswork out of exercising, so you don’t have to think…just do the exercises. You don’t have to worry whether it’s cardio day or a day to build strength. It’s laid out ahead of time, you just have to do it. A quick glance in the morning lets you know, not only what you’ll be working on that day, but also what time you’ll be working on it. It gives you a goal to achieve for the day and helps you adjust your workout based on how easy or difficult it was.

No matter how pressed for time you are, your workout is already on your calendar.

It’s too easy to skip a workout when you plan it for “some time during the day.” Sometimes, “some time”never happens. When you already have it listed as an “appointment,” you can work the rest of your schedule around that time, just as you would any other appointment. In a truly hectic time, you can reschedule it for another part of the day, like any other important meeting. The workout calendar helps you keep your appointment with fitness.

Workout calendars not only help you achieve your goals, they help you to see your achievements.

When you have a file for your workout calendar, you can go back several months to see how much you’ve improved. It’s a good way to help visualize just how much you’ve achieved, particularly if combined with weight and measurement charts. If you find the workout you set for yourself is too easy or too difficult at the end of the month, you can adjust the next months calendar to be more or less aggressive.

Workout calendars help you stick with the program and stay on track.

It’s easy to skip a workout, cut it short or do far less than planned (Does coasting downhill on an exercise bike in the workout room rather than continuously pedaling sound familiar?) With enough imagination and lack of a goal, your good intentions for exercising turn into very little accomplished in the time allotted. If you don’t have a specific goal set for the session, there’s always something to distract you from the workout. Before you know it, your workout time is over and you’ve accomplished nothing.

Sometimes part of the excitement to any goal is planning it and then accomplishing it. Not only does a workout calendar help you keep fitness goals, it’s good experience to help you with other goals in your life.

When you have a written goal, it’s a constant reminder and helps you achieve the goal.

You need an overall goal for the monthly workout calendar with each individual day being the steps to achieve it. When you create one, decide the improvement you want to see at the end of the month, then break it down in steps that help you reach it.

You can add weight loss goals to the workout calendar. Remember weight can fluctuate even when you’re diligently sticking to a diet and exercising, so you’ll get a better idea by looking at the total picture from start to finish for the month.

Healthy Weekend Activities

Healthy Weekend Activities

If you’re focused heavily on work and find you’re totally stressed at the end of the day, you really should do something every day to chill out and relax. Exercising is one way to do it. However, when the work week ends, it’s definitely time to unwind. Some people use happy hour, but that’s not necessarily the best. There are healthy weekend activities you can do that will make you feel far better than a few happy hour drinks and don’t add calories in the process.

Have fun with your family.

If you have children, a spouse or both, planning a Saturday or Sunday adventure will be memories that they’ll have forever. Make it an active outing, either hiking in the woods, walking the zoo, rock climbing or just playing a physical game. Not only will it be better for your health and waistline, it will be a good habit for all of you. If you don’t have children or a spouse, family is still important. Visit with older family members and if they’re not able to walk, pushing them in a wheelchair is good for your health and will give them a chance to be out and about. Taking time to get together with friends is another option. Healthy active times with people you care about is good for the body and the soul.

Use alternate transportation to get chores done.

It’s the weekend and you don’t have to scramble to get to work, so ditch the car keys and put a basket on your bike to carry groceries. Not everyone has a store close enough to use a bike or they have far to many large items to carry. In that case, find ways to increase your steps. Don’t circle the lot to find the closest spot. Park in a spot in the lot a distance from the stores and walk. Don’t use the elevator or escalator but take the stairs. Keep your feet moving as much as possible.

Get creative in the kitchen.

Cooking healthy can be quite rewarding, but also a challenge. Find ways to create healthy recipes and make a few meals to freeze and cook during the week. It will save the hassle of creating meals when you’re most tired and help you avoid the urge of making your weekday dinner a carryout delight. Whether you have a children and/or a spouse or are happily single and carefree, having dinners in the refrigerator or freezer make you look forward to the evening.

Smile, smile, smile. That’s right. Studies show that even if you fake a smile, it’s healthy for you. A good belly laugh, whether real or faked, is as qwll. Take time to identify all the good things in your life that you’re thankful for and when you do, you’ll smile for real.

Keep your regular sleep schedule. Too often people sleep in late on the weekend and then disrupt their sleep pattern. Sticking with it even though it’s Saturday will keep you feeling better all week long.

Carve out time for yourself. You probably have a whole list of things that need to be done around the house. Make sure one of those things is one hour just for you. Whether you choose to use it for a bubble bath or just to watch grass grow is your decision.

Keep your work at work. Don’t drag home work and expect to feel refreshed and ready on Monday.

Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

Diets don’t work. You’ve heard me say that so many times in the past that you’re probably bored with it. Some people simply don’t believe it’s true, but it is. Diets give you a strict eating plan, leave you feeling hungry and worse of all, feeling deprived. Instead of dieting, you need to create healthy habits, not restrictions. That doesn’t mean that you can go back for the sixth mounded plate of food at a buffet, but it does mean that you make healthy choices when eating and sometimes eat more frequently than you otherwise would.

I may give you a sample meal, but not a diet.

It may take a while to learn all the tricks of healthy eating. That’s why sample meals can be important. These meals can guide you in food preparation, help you learn how to substitute one food for another—such as the old stand-by of brown rice for white rice or Greek yogurt for sour cream—and even get you to eat more frequently, preventing unhealthy snacking and over-indulging at your next meal.

Don’t worry if you slipped.

There are times we all have that second piece of cake or make a few extra trips to the buffet, but they don’t happen every day. In fact, falling off the wagon can even help you lose weight when done sensibly. These are known as “cheat days.” However, if you’re eating healthy they aren’t cheating. They’re the days you have a bit more than you planned, asked for seconds or had a ice cream cone with the family. These “cheats” can prevent your body from going into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism.

When you eat healthy, rather than diet, it’s an ongoing process.

One of the problems of dieting is that it always ends. For some people, it ends when they sneak a piece of cake. Once they’ve broken the diet, the sky is the limit and the cake becomes…well, for lack of better wording….toast, disappearing completely down their gullet. Since the diet was compromised, they think they might as well go back to old eating habits, which put on the weight in the first place. In most cases, it means additional pounds, besides those lost. The same happens when a diet ends successfully. Old eating habits reappear, just like the pounds that were shed.

Eating healthy means you simply choose a healthier food over one that’s high in calories and low in nutrition.

When you eat healthy, you feed your body frequently so you don’t attack the box of cookies in the grocery aisle and check out the empty package or get a stack or two of the nachos at the gas station.

Eating healthy often means eating more frequently. Besides taking the edge off your hunger, it gives you more will power to avoid sweet treats by keeping your blood sugar level.

Eating healthy is delicious. Once you start eating “clean,” you’ll find you no longer crave greasy or sugary high calorie junk food.

Bye Bye Love Handles

Bye Bye Love Handles

If you’re like most people, you want to say, “Bye bye love handles” and hello toned waistline. There’s simply nothing to love about these rolls of mush that interferes with smooth lines on clothing and announce themselves to the world when you slip on your jeans. You don’t have to put up with them or learn to disguise them when you follow a regimen of eating healthy and working out regularly.

Eat healthy to shed extra pounds, but limit night eating.

While you’ll hear me preach about healthy snacks and eating frequently, you need to restrict the time you eat, too. Take a day or two a week devoted to restricting your food intake to a six or eight hour time frame or eat super low calories one out of three days and normal healthy meals the others. It’s called intermittent fasting and it can help increase the oxidation of fat without leaving you feel hungry. There are other reasons intermittent fasting can be healthy and ways to achieve it. Whether you eat six times a day throughout the day or fasting periodically, eating healthy is the key. It helps shed weight, which you need to do to get rid of love handles.

Burn off the stress and meditate a bit.

Stress can be one culprit causing love handles. Stress produces the fight or flight response that sends hormones throughout the body to prepare it for battle or a quick dash. One of these hormones is cortisol, which studies now show is linked to abdominal fat. Learning to control stress with meditation or burn off the hormones when you exercise helps prevent fat accumulation. One client runs up and down the stairs when she gets frustrated because as a child, she found it made her feel better. She doesn’t have love handles and never has.

Work your core muscles to get the best results.

While you do need to shed weight to eliminate love handles, you also need to tone the muscles around the waist area. Working the large core muscles helps you do both. You need more than just cardio exercises or spot exercise routines to eliminate those pesky love handles. Full body workouts that provide strength training in the process, such as kettlebells and TRX training work the whole body, particularly larger core muscles, for great results.

Try carb cycling. Eat higher carb meals on the days you workout and limit them on the days you don’t.

Don’t diet, especially if it’s super low calorie. Fasting for a day is one thing, but eating a super low calorie diet continuously lowers your metabolism and is bad for your health.

Enjoy yourself. Life is too short not to appreciate it. Smile, laugh and dance like nobody is watching. Preventing stress can be just as beneficial to eliminating love handles as burning off the hormones.

Steer clear of processed grains and starches.

Best Pre-Workout Foods

Best Pre-Workout Foods

If you’ve always heard that you should starve yourself before a workout to force your body to burn calories, you heard wrong. “Don’t eat before a workout and force your body to burn fat” is one of those myths that sound logical, but has been proven wrong. It actually is extremely detrimental to anyone trying to get fit, whether attempting to lose weight or not. Choosing the best pre-workout foods is very important, however, to accomplishing your fitness goal and maintaining good health.

Don’t eat big and don’t chow down just before a workout.

You have to be sensible about what you eat. You don’t want to leave a huge buffet where you chowed down on heavy fatty foods and try to workout on a full belly. That will just leave you with cramps and abdominal pain, especially if your workout is of the high intensity nature. Eating a mix of carbohydrates and protein about 30 minutes to an hour before a hard workout can prepare your body by providing the fuel to put forth the effort. It can prevent dizziness and give you the energy to work your hardest.

Eat a late mid-morning snack before a lunch workout.

Timing your “light” meal can help you have the energy you need to work your hardest without having your blood sugar level drop. If you’re working out in the morning, as soon as you get up, eat a slice of whole grain toast topped with a nut butter and a few slices of bananas. The bread provides carbs, nut butter provides protein, while the banana gives you potassium. By the time you begin your workout, 30 to 45 minutes should have elapsed. Your body fasted all night, give it a little fuel. If you’re using your lunch hour, eat a late mid-morning snack to keep within the time frame. The same is true for a late afternoon snack when exercising after work.

Don’t sit on the couch if you’ve over-indulged.

The warning about exercising after a meal shouldn’t stop you from a walk. There are studies that show a moderately to leisurely paced walk after a big meal can aid the body in relieving the bloated feeling by aiding digestion. It also helps lower blood sugar levels and gets food moving through your body faster. While a high intensity workout is never recommended, a comfortably paced walk after a heavy meal will make you feel better, be healthier for your body and burn a few of the calories you consumed.

Eating a low glycemic and fructose free meal two hours before working out can stimulate the body to burn fat. Foods with a high glycemic level increases insulin levels and prevents fat burning. High fructose levels also slows fat burning.

For a quick snack in the morning before a workout, boil a hard-boiled egg the night before and eat it with a carb, such as crackers or toast.

Lean protein, whole grains and nuts before working out is a good snack. One example is a slice of cheese or some Greek yogurt on a toasted bagel. You can even top it with a low fructose fruit, such as strawberries, blueberries or bananas.

Oatmeal with nut butter can keep you going or just add energy with a handful of nuts if you want to keep it simple.

Share Your Passion

Share Your Passion

%image_alt%Exercising is more fun, especially when you share your passion with the important people in your life. That’s one reason our group training sessions are so popular. People often get together to create a group that’s not only about getting fit, but also about having fun in the process and supporting one another toward goals. It’s an economic way to get the benefit of having a personal trainer and the participants don’t all have to be at the same fitness level.

Couples night becomes healthier.

If you and your significant other get together regularly for couples night, why not make it a healthy one? Start a couples night group workout before you go out for dinner. You’ll learn ways to eat healthier too. It can change the whole dynamic of the group, creating more active things to do after working out once you all get into shape and have more energy.

Create a winning combination with a team workout.

Sure, you’re all in great shape, but you’ll be amazed at just how much better you could be. Imagine everyone on the team working at top capacity. When you do that, the sky’s the limit. You’ll start seeing more wins and far better performances. Even if you aren’t a starter, consider getting the B team together to give them a run for their money. Your physical shape and mental attitude play an important role in whether you’re a bench warmer or the starting string.

Boys night out or girls night can be done with a twist.

I know people who workout right before club hopping or going to guys’ or gals’ night out. While I’m not saying it’s mandatory, it does give them an edge. It not only helps them get into shape, it burns off the hormones from the stress of the day and replaces them with ones that make them feel good. That comes off as someone who’s more relaxed and enjoying life, not to mention the improvement in their confidence and appearance.

You’ll have fun a ISC. We do more than just calisthenics and weight lifting. We have innovative techniques like kettlebells and TRX.

While a group workout with a trainer is fun, you’ll also see huge improvements in your fitness level and body in a very short time. You’ll not only look fantastic, you’ll have more energy than you thought possible.

You’ll cement the bond of friendship when you workout together. Sure there is some friendly competition, but there’s also a great deal of support.

If you have never worked out before and want to try it before introducing it to friends, we have a one week free trial you can use.

Get Fit In Record Time

Get Fit In Record Time

%image_alt%I can help you get fit in record time with the most innovative workouts available. A lot has been learned about the body since the first Olympic championships in ancient Greece. Every year we’re getting more and more scientific studies showing new ways to get faster progress. Up until the last century, daily tasks and work provided most of the exercise to help people stay in shape. Exercise plays an important role in good health, which is why there is now so many studies that examine it closely. I stay abreast of the latest information to help you get the best workout.

We have some special workouts that are fun, yet get you fit fast.

If you’ve never tried kettlebells, you’re missing a great workout. Kettlebells burn more calories than most other types of exercise, plus it works all muscles. It provides all types of workouts, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. You’ll accomplish more in less time using kettlebells. TRX is another fun workout that also maximizes results. Many of our clients love taking a break from weights and exercise to try a little kickboxing. You won’t even feel like you’re working out and time flies by fast.

I create individualized plans for each of my clients.

I not only care, I’m rooting for your success every step of the way. That’s one reason I may push you a bit, to see the best possible results. Before anyone starts working out at team ISC, I assess their overall fitness. I ask about goals or even help them set some if they don’t have any. I also find out if they have any special needs, such as back problems or bad knees, which might require an adjustment to the routine or form of the exercise. Each workout is tough and works the person toward their maximum potential…but that’s what gets the best results.

I won’t let you get complacent.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your level of fitness improves. That’s normally where people fail if they’re working on their own. At that point, I modify the workout to match the level of performance, so you’ll always be reaching for a more difficult goal and the workout will always be challenging. This type of program takes commitment from both of us, but it pays off in the end.

It’s not all about weight loss here. While weight loss is one reason people come to Team ISC, it’s not the only reason. No matter what your goal, whether it’s building your endurance, improving your game or feeling great, you’ll notice the difference quickly.

What you eat makes a difference too. I’ll help you learn how to eat healthier with nutritional information.

You’ll get a lot of support from the rest of the people at Team-ISC. We all work together to encourage one another to get the most from each session.

You’ll be glad you started after you feel the energy surge through your body and see how great you look and feel. In fact, many people actually bring friends and family to us once they see the great results.

Be Strong

Be Strong

%image_alt%One of the major reasons people workout at our gym is their desire to be strong, lose weight and look fantastic. We have so much more to offer to help you in your journey to fitness. We focus on all types of fitness, which include more than just strength. We’ll help you work on your flexibility—range of motion—which helps prevent injuries that can set you back for months. We’ll work on your endurance—cardiovascular workout—so you’ll workout longer with ease. We even work on balance. That can be a huge benefit to overall synergy.

We expect the best from you and you can expect the best from us.

If you’re one of those people that want to be their very best, you can’t go wrong at Team ISC. We want the same for you. We’ll work you hard, but still within your fitness level. As your overall fitness improves, we’ll make adjustments to the workout to reflect that improvement. We’ll make sure your form is perfect to help you avoid injury and maximize the benefit each exercise offers. Our trainers are constantly tracking the latest innovations in exercise. So we know the quickest ways to get you into shape fast.

No matter where you start, we’ll help you arrive at your destination.

Not all our clients are athletes. Some were couch potatoes until they decided to take charge of their lives and get into shape. We work with all types of people with a wide variety of differences when it comes to fitness. The goals may be to become better athletes and at the top of their game or just to look better or have more energy for daily tasks. That’s one of the reasons we talk to you first, before we even begin the workout. We listen to goals, learn about special needs and then assess your overall fitness first. You get a personalized plan made just for your needs.

Get nutritional support and a great workout, no matter why you’re training.

Sure, we work with elite athletes and help them, but we also help everyday people that just want the energy to play with the kids or want to shed some pounds and look fabulous at the beach. We provide for all those needs. I was a professional athlete and thought I was in great shape until I worked with a trainer. That’s when I found out that I wasn’t working my entire body and literally was exhausted after a few minutes. When you use sspersonal trainer, you get a workout that will ensure that all muscle groups are working in synergy and getting the benefit of that workout.

I love doing a wide variety of workouts. Not only does it prevent plateauing, it eliminates boredom. You’ll find that many of the alternatives we use, such as kettlebells or suspension training make you look forward to working out, because they’re both effective and fun.

Getting the most from your body and mind is what it’s all about at Team ISC. Sometimes the mind is the worst enemy of fitness, but I can help you overcome that with a great deal of motivation.

Whether you’re an athlete or a newby to exercise, knowing you’re doing everything to improve your performance is important. The workout may be different but the ultimate goal of being the best you that you can be is always the same.

With the help of Team ISC, you’ll see a difference fast. If you’re goal is to look fabulous in summer clothes, it’s not too late. You’ll see a huge difference in a very short time.

Want To Up Your Performance

Want To Up Your Performance

%image_alt%Regular training will keep you in the game, but when you want to be your best, you need to up your performance by getting the best possible training available. You can improve your overall performance and see improvements such as more speed, explosive power, greater strength, flexibility and fewer injuries. Getting ready for the game takes overall conditioning and we provide it.

Keep injuries at bay with the right training.

Injuries can end your sports career or put it in stall position for a while. Some injuries may be unavoidable, but most aren’t. Your body works as a unit, depending on each separate part to do their task. If one part of it is out of line, or muscles aren’t developed properly, it creates an imbalance. That can lead to repeated injuries or never allow you to reach your potential. You also need to increase core strength while working on balance and flexibility. We’ll help you by identifying problem areas and providing the right kind of exercise to keep you in the game.

Get explosive power.

When you need to generate a sudden burst of energy at the maximum effort, you need explosive power training. This type of training is good in all types of sports, whether it is cycling, tennis, football or track and field. In fact, almost every type of athlete could benefit from this type of training. Consider baseball, where the outfield stands in position for long periods of time, but have to be ready to give it their all with explosive power when the ball comes their way. No matter what sport you consider, it’s a necessary component for great achievement. It’s a combination of speed and strength.

Get improved footwork.

Being agile and strong enough to zig when your opponent thinks you’ll be zagging or doing maneuvers down the field that make it impossible for your opponent to tackle you can help you make the winning touchdown. It can also help you tackle an opponent and prevent that touchdown from occurring. When you combine it with working on your speed, it becomes an even more vital part of the workout. Almost all types of sports benefit from this type of workout.

We evaluate each athlete first, so we can identify weak muscle groups, find the best type of workouts to use and find the level of fitness for all areas, balance, strength, flexibility and endurance.

If you think you’re running your fastest, you may be wrong. With the right type of training you can improve your speed for a better overall performance.

Getting additional training individually can give you a boost of confidence. You’ll feel more prepared and that translates to a more successful game result.

Strength training is vital for all athletic endeavors. It not only affects your performance, it helps keep your body safer from injury.