Bad Fitness Advice

Everyone has been at a party or gathering where fitness and weight loss is the topic. You’ll often find there’s more bad fitness advice coming from the group than valid, good advice. Some of the advice sounds right because it’s been around for years. Of course, longevity doesn’t make it right. After all, bleeding people to let out disease was around for years, but it often did more harm to the patient and exacerbated the condition. You may recognize a few of the ideas that you felt were truths.

No pain, no gain is a myth and can cause people to quit working out.

To maximize results, you need to work hard, but hard work doesn’t mean that pain has to enter the picture. There’s a big difference between pain and discomfort. If your muscles are sore, that’s one thing, but if you wince in pain, quite another. Pain may indicate you have an injury, especially if it’s localized and lasts longer than a day. It’s one reason working with a trainer is important. The trainer ensures you use the proper form to avoid injury and exercises that work you safely toward your potential.

Lifting weights will make women have bulky muscles.

The truth is that weight lifting actually does give you a sinewy look that comes from lean muscle mass. To get that bulky look, a woman would have to take supplements and get a lot more aggressive in the gym than the average or even tough workout would entail. Hormone levels help dictate the type of muscle development. Even with men, it takes a tough workout to build the muscle tissue you see in body builders.

Special super low calorie diets are guaranteed ways to lose weight.

Whether it’s sipping on grapefruit juice with a side of boiled eggs at every meal for a week or eating a cabbage soup concoction, these diets are not only unhealthy, they’re counterproductive to weight loss in the long run. Learning to eat healthier and watching portion control is the only way to lose weight and keep it off permanently. The other diets result in yo-yo weight loss that’s not good for the body. At the end of the super low calorie diet, you go back to old eating habits that put on the weight in the first place. Those pounds reappear and if the fad diet caused your body to go into starvation mode, burning fewer calories, those pounds bring friends with them.

  • If three to five days a week of hard work is good, exercising every day is better, right? Wrong. Your body needs rest for muscles to heal and adjust to the new work level.
  • Carbo loading is good for everyone. That’s just not true. If you’re running a marathon or other long endurance event, carbo loading helps. For anyone exercising less than two hours, it just adds calories.
  • You can get all the benefits you need for weight loss from eating fat burning foods. NOT! While some foods do help you burn fat more than others, ultimately, you still need to eat 3500 fewer calories than you burn to burn off a pound. That means a healthy lower calorie diet and regular exercise.
  • Exercise alone will help you shed pounds. If your weight is relatively stable, increasing your caloric output with exercise helps. The best way to achieve weight loss is through a healthy diet AND exercise.

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