Be Strong

%image_alt%One of the major reasons people workout at our gym is their desire to be strong, lose weight and look fantastic. We have so much more to offer to help you in your journey to fitness. We focus on all types of fitness, which include more than just strength. We’ll help you work on your flexibility—range of motion—which helps prevent injuries that can set you back for months. We’ll work on your endurance—cardiovascular workout—so you’ll workout longer with ease. We even work on balance. That can be a huge benefit to overall synergy.

We expect the best from you and you can expect the best from us.

If you’re one of those people that want to be their very best, you can’t go wrong at Team ISC. We want the same for you. We’ll work you hard, but still within your fitness level. As your overall fitness improves, we’ll make adjustments to the workout to reflect that improvement. We’ll make sure your form is perfect to help you avoid injury and maximize the benefit each exercise offers. Our trainers are constantly tracking the latest innovations in exercise. So we know the quickest ways to get you into shape fast.

No matter where you start, we’ll help you arrive at your destination.

Not all our clients are athletes. Some were couch potatoes until they decided to take charge of their lives and get into shape. We work with all types of people with a wide variety of differences when it comes to fitness. The goals may be to become better athletes and at the top of their game or just to look better or have more energy for daily tasks. That’s one of the reasons we talk to you first, before we even begin the workout. We listen to goals, learn about special needs and then assess your overall fitness first. You get a personalized plan made just for your needs.

Get nutritional support and a great workout, no matter why you’re training.

Sure, we work with elite athletes and help them, but we also help everyday people that just want the energy to play with the kids or want to shed some pounds and look fabulous at the beach. We provide for all those needs. I was a professional athlete and thought I was in great shape until I worked with a trainer. That’s when I found out that I wasn’t working my entire body and literally was exhausted after a few minutes. When you use sspersonal trainer, you get a workout that will ensure that all muscle groups are working in synergy and getting the benefit of that workout.

I love doing a wide variety of workouts. Not only does it prevent plateauing, it eliminates boredom. You’ll find that many of the alternatives we use, such as kettlebells or suspension training make you look forward to working out, because they’re both effective and fun.

Getting the most from your body and mind is what it’s all about at Team ISC. Sometimes the mind is the worst enemy of fitness, but I can help you overcome that with a great deal of motivation.

Whether you’re an athlete or a newby to exercise, knowing you’re doing everything to improve your performance is important. The workout may be different but the ultimate goal of being the best you that you can be is always the same.

With the help of Team ISC, you’ll see a difference fast. If you’re goal is to look fabulous in summer clothes, it’s not too late. You’ll see a huge difference in a very short time.

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