MyZone - MyMotivation

MyZone – MyMotivation

MOVE IT. EARN IT. PROVE IT.     Often, we may find ourselves hit jolts of motivation. Whether it be from an inspiring athlete, a health scare, a friend seeing results or just how our clothes are fitting are all reasons we decide, this, this will be the time I hit my goals and become stronger […]

Diets Don't Work

Diets Don’t Work

Diets don’t work. That’s right, dieting isn’t the answer to weight loss, at least not permanent weight loss. If you’ve tried dieting before and regained the weight immediately after you quit it, you know exactly what I’m saying. One of the biggest reasons diets fail is because they always end and then you go back […]

Be Your Sexy Best

If you want to be your sexy best, start a program of healthy eating and regular exercise. You can’t be your sexiest if you’re not healthy. In order to look great, you have to feel great. Being healthy is the only way to boost that great feeling. Excess weight can not only affect your health, […]

For the ladies, and their bodies =}

For the ladies, and their bodies =}

Weight training is a slippery slope for a lot of women. Many are afraid of bulking up and skip it altogether, while others use lighter weights to avoid looking too muscular. The accepted logic is that heavier weights equal big muscles and using lighter weights is the best way to slim down and maintain “womanly” […]



When performing unilateral exercises your body weight plays a much greater role in the level of resistance. For example, try comparing an unweighted two legged squat with that of a pistol squat. The pistol squat it is significantly harder because of the way your loss of balance forces you to work extra hard to complete […]