Bye Bye Love Handles

If you’re like most people, you want to say, “Bye bye love handles” and hello toned waistline. There’s simply nothing to love about these rolls of mush that interferes with smooth lines on clothing and announce themselves to the world when you slip on your jeans. You don’t have to put up with them or learn to disguise them when you follow a regimen of eating healthy and working out regularly.

Eat healthy to shed extra pounds, but limit night eating.

While you’ll hear me preach about healthy snacks and eating frequently, you need to restrict the time you eat, too. Take a day or two a week devoted to restricting your food intake to a six or eight hour time frame or eat super low calories one out of three days and normal healthy meals the others. It’s called intermittent fasting and it can help increase the oxidation of fat without leaving you feel hungry. There are other reasons intermittent fasting can be healthy and ways to achieve it. Whether you eat six times a day throughout the day or fasting periodically, eating healthy is the key. It helps shed weight, which you need to do to get rid of love handles.

Burn off the stress and meditate a bit.

Stress can be one culprit causing love handles. Stress produces the fight or flight response that sends hormones throughout the body to prepare it for battle or a quick dash. One of these hormones is cortisol, which studies now show is linked to abdominal fat. Learning to control stress with meditation or burn off the hormones when you exercise helps prevent fat accumulation. One client runs up and down the stairs when she gets frustrated because as a child, she found it made her feel better. She doesn’t have love handles and never has.

Work your core muscles to get the best results.

While you do need to shed weight to eliminate love handles, you also need to tone the muscles around the waist area. Working the large core muscles helps you do both. You need more than just cardio exercises or spot exercise routines to eliminate those pesky love handles. Full body workouts that provide strength training in the process, such as kettlebells and TRX training work the whole body, particularly larger core muscles, for great results.

Try carb cycling. Eat higher carb meals on the days you workout and limit them on the days you don’t.

Don’t diet, especially if it’s super low calorie. Fasting for a day is one thing, but eating a super low calorie diet continuously lowers your metabolism and is bad for your health.

Enjoy yourself. Life is too short not to appreciate it. Smile, laugh and dance like nobody is watching. Preventing stress can be just as beneficial to eliminating love handles as burning off the hormones.

Steer clear of processed grains and starches.

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