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There are a number of reasons to add a Citrus Heights yoga session to your workout program. Some people add it just to increase the variety and enjoyment of their workout. However, it does far more than just add variety or something new, it can help the body in a number of ways that other exercises can’t and do it quite efficiently, providing several benefits at once. First, when you do yoga you are getting an overall body workout that doesn’t just focus on one muscle group, but creates a balanced workout to exercise them all.

You’ll be doing several types of exercise at once.

Strength training is important, but no more important than flexibility, cardio or balance training. It takes all types of workouts to have a healthy fit body. Yoga combines strength training with flexibility and you also get cardio benefits and improve your balance. That’s a total workout in one session. Some people want to build their muscles, so focus on strength training, which can lead to disaster. If you don’t have range of motion training—flexibility training—you’ll end up with an injury. You don’t have to take a separate day to do cardio when you use yoga as part of your program. It also improves balance that is often neglected by most people.

You’ll be doing your joints a favor when you include yoga.

Running can cause constant pounding on the knees, hips and ankles and can cause damage. Yoga on the other hand, gently massages those joints and squeezes out the old synovial fluid while sending new nutrient and oxygen rich fluid to the joint. It makes the muscles act like the heart to get nutrients to the joints, since they don’t receive blood. You also strengthen the joint muscles that help prevent injury and avoid the pounding that can take it’s toll on cartilage.

You’ll build your energy and stamina as you hold your poses.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, you probably have no idea just how tough it can be to hold a pose. It’s like holding a one pound weight with your arm outstretched. It’s not hard when you do it for a few seconds, but as that turns into minutes, you’ll swear that weight is gaining more weight and now weighs 100 pounds. Studies show that even yoga that isn’t vigorous builds the cardiovascular system.

Yoga can boost your immune system and has been proven to help back pain. It gently soothes aching joints and muscles.

It’s fun and different and a great change of pace that will make you love exercising again. It also doesn’t allow your body become efficient at the moves so it works harder too.

Yoga burns calories fast and helps you lose weight faster.

Yoga leaves you feeling fantastic and mentally refreshed.

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