Condition Yourself

%image_alt%You’ll get a lot more out of life and your workout when you condition yourself to go the extra mile, do one more exercise even when you want to quit or be brave enough to try something new, no matter how scared you are. I love watching people learn new types of exercise. They have a look that’s a mixture of fascination, intense focus, excitement and dread. They may dread trying it for fear they’ll fail, but once they accomplish the first goal, the dread turns to jubilation.

If you’re an athlete, you may think you’ve tried all types of workouts.

Workouts aren’t all the same. We have a program for athletes that will help you perform at your sport better. Our sports performance program will help you condition your over 600 muscles to improve your speed, power, flexibility, conditioning and overall strength. We do more than just help you with the technical parts of training, we help you with the mental aspects. You’ll become mentally tough and ready to take on the world. You’ll do it without injury thanks to how we help you condition your body.

If you’ve never exercised before, except in gym class, this could be your time to condition yourself.

There’s all types of conditioning, we focus on the mental and physical types. If you’re new to exercise, you have two options here. You can take the route of personal training and workout with the group or join one of our group classes. Either way, you get the benefit of having a personal trainer develop your program and help you when you need it.

Consider kickboxing as a fun alternative to a workout.

It might look easy when TV or movie heroes or heroines kickbox, but it’s guaranteed to take your breath away when you first start. While you might be huffing and puffing for a while, you’ll also be improving your endurance. It provides more than just great aerobic exercise, it provides strength, balance and flexibility training too. When you give it all you’ve got and go the extra mile, not only will your skills improve, but your body will too.

Trying new workouts can be intimidating. Nobody wants to look awkward. It’s all worth it when you see the results and realize things like kettlebells and TRX are hard, but fun.

While going the extra mile is important, never do it at the expense of proper form and technique. That can cause potential injury.

Strength and conditioning programs are good for people of either sex. Women don’t build bulky muscles with this type of training, but build strength while shedding extra pounds.

Our Innovative Strength & Training program will work your whole body. It’s a workout for everyone from those who just want conditioning to those who want to compete.

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