Couples Who Walk Together, Stay Together

If you and your significant other are having a hard time fitting everything into your schedule and often don’t get to speak to each other for days, it’s time to walk together. That may be one extra thing on your schedule that’s already busy, but it can help you stay together. Communication is a key to a successful relationship and when you walk, you talk. It’s a time that’s not interrupted or at least shouldn’t be, so you can focus on each other. To insure you get the maximum benefit turn off your phones when you walk.

Get exercise while you enjoy the view.

Not everyone can heavy lift weights or spend hours in the gym. However, most people can take a walk and get enjoyment from the exercise. It can be as simple as around the neighborhood or to a specific destination, like the grocery store. You can set your own pace for the walk to get a good workout or to enjoy the view and the pleasure of being outdoors. Most of all, you don’t need any special equipment, but good shoes do help.

It’s a great break from watching reruns or arguing politics on Facebook.

While watching television can be done by two, it’s often a solitary involvement with each person having their own relationship with the screen. Talking is limited to commercials, when you’re normally getting a snack or doing other important things. When you’re online, there’s only interaction with the people online, not the important with whom you share your home. Getting out and working your legs will open lines of communication between the two of you, particularly since there’s no other distractions.

You’ll feel refreshed and more relaxed when you get home.

Walking, just like any form of exercise can help burn off the hormones of stress, particularly if your walk is in a serene natural or wooded area. It helps the body relax. It can be even more beneficial if you pick up the speed, but don’t do it if you walk so fast you can no longer talk. Then, it becomes more like exercise and less of a together time. One of the ways to judge your pace is whether you can still comfortably talk while you walk.

– Enjoy the time walking together. It’s a step toward fitness that will keep you healthier in years to come.

– If the day has been horrible with plenty of frustrations, walking can help you blow off the steam so you won’t take it out on your spouse…or the dog!

– Exercise and increased activity of any type can help boost your hormones and make an improvement in your sex life.

– You’ll find common interests you didn’t realize you had when you talk on a walk. That can lead to a closer relationship.

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