Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

Diets don’t work. You’ve heard me say that so many times in the past that you’re probably bored with it. Some people simply don’t believe it’s true, but it is. Diets give you a strict eating plan, leave you feeling hungry and worse of all, feeling deprived. Instead of dieting, you need to create healthy habits, not restrictions. That doesn’t mean that you can go back for the sixth mounded plate of food at a buffet, but it does mean that you make healthy choices when eating and sometimes eat more frequently than you otherwise would.

I may give you a sample meal, but not a diet.

It may take a while to learn all the tricks of healthy eating. That’s why sample meals can be important. These meals can guide you in food preparation, help you learn how to substitute one food for another—such as the old stand-by of brown rice for white rice or Greek yogurt for sour cream—and even get you to eat more frequently, preventing unhealthy snacking and over-indulging at your next meal.

Don’t worry if you slipped.

There are times we all have that second piece of cake or make a few extra trips to the buffet, but they don’t happen every day. In fact, falling off the wagon can even help you lose weight when done sensibly. These are known as “cheat days.” However, if you’re eating healthy they aren’t cheating. They’re the days you have a bit more than you planned, asked for seconds or had a ice cream cone with the family. These “cheats” can prevent your body from going into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism.

When you eat healthy, rather than diet, it’s an ongoing process.

One of the problems of dieting is that it always ends. For some people, it ends when they sneak a piece of cake. Once they’ve broken the diet, the sky is the limit and the cake becomes…well, for lack of better wording….toast, disappearing completely down their gullet. Since the diet was compromised, they think they might as well go back to old eating habits, which put on the weight in the first place. In most cases, it means additional pounds, besides those lost. The same happens when a diet ends successfully. Old eating habits reappear, just like the pounds that were shed.

Eating healthy means you simply choose a healthier food over one that’s high in calories and low in nutrition.

When you eat healthy, you feed your body frequently so you don’t attack the box of cookies in the grocery aisle and check out the empty package or get a stack or two of the nachos at the gas station.

Eating healthy often means eating more frequently. Besides taking the edge off your hunger, it gives you more will power to avoid sweet treats by keeping your blood sugar level.

Eating healthy is delicious. Once you start eating “clean,” you’ll find you no longer crave greasy or sugary high calorie junk food.

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