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No matter what Davis weight loss you use, it should give you the skills to not only take off weight, but keep it off permanently. Weight loss is an easy concept, but not so easy to do. It occurs when you eat 3500 fewer calories than you burn. You can lose weight by simply lowering your caloric intake by 250 calories a day and within two weeks, you’ll have lost a pound. Another way is to add a program of exercise to your routine. It can burn the additional 250 calories every time you workout, also lowering your weight. Combining the two gets the best results.

Don’t lower your caloric intake too much it could be counterproductive.

Changing your dietary intake to reflect a more normal, lower calorie count is good. Changing to a super low calorie count isn’t. You know the type of diet we’re talking about, the special one where you eat nothing but cabbage soup daily or squirt a lemon into water and add parsley for garnish as a meal. Those are super restrictive diets that cause the body to go into starvation mode, conserving calories for important organs. That effectively is lowering your metabolism making weight loss more difficult.

You’ll benefit in other ways from a program of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Your body is an amazing machine. It functions on it’s own doing what it takes to repair and maintain itself. Exercise builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue needs extra calories for maintenance, so it raises your metabolism as you become fitter. Exercise also has other benefits that can keep you healthier the rest of your life and keeps weight off permanently.

You’ll look thinner than the scales indicate.

There are a number of reasons people diet. Some do it strictly for their health and the improved appearance is just a side benefit. Others do it for the great look they achieve, with health benefits a sideline. When you exercise, you’ll not only get more health benefits, you’ll also look thinner, even if you don’t shed a single pound. That’s because muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue does per cubic inch. To make that statement easier to understand, if you put a pound of fat in a made-to-fit container and a pound of muscle tissue in one, the container holding the fat would be bigger. When you build muscles your clothing size may lower even if your scales don’t reflect any change.

The best way to start a program of exercise is to use the services of a personal trainer. Trainers not only create a personalized program, they get faster results and maximize the benefits of every work out.

Exercise is the key to a healthier, longer life. It helps stave off serious conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Exercise improves your appearance in other ways. It improves circulation that brings nourishment and oxygen rich blood to all parts of the body, including the skin. It helps you look years younger.

You’ll improve your posture when you exercise. Improved posture gives you a feeling and look of confidence, while adding energy and relieving the potential for back pain.


    “I thought I was doing a pretty good job working out on my own. Then I joined Toraino’s Bootcamp and WOW! Results, results, results! I feel and look better than ever before. I have learned so much about fitness and the best exercises to do when I’m short on time as I use to think running was the best thing, boy was I so wrong! Toraino is the best coach I have ever worked with!”

    Bridgett R.


    “When I first met Toraino I thought he was going to kill me! To my surprise he did. But in such a polite manner. When I started with him I weight 175lbs and wore a size 16. I’m now 115lbs and size 4! I did not think I would ever lose that extra 60lbs. Toraino is such great trainer and a great educator. He gave me the confidence I always wanted. I love shopping again! Thank you so much.”

    Stacie M.

    “Toraino is one tuff trainer. I have the result to prove it. I have been following other programs for years, and never achieved results like this. The man knows his stuff.”

    Mark M.


    “I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of all your help. You have no idea how thankful I am, I am extremely lucky that you were willing to help me. I could not have made it this far already without you. When Debbie said that you are the best – I think that was an understatement!”

    Julie C.

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