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There are so many reasons why people love to go to boot camps and you’ll know all of them if you ever go to an Elk Grove boot camp. Boot camps are run by personal trainers and use little or no equipment. When you go to a boot camp, the first thing the trainer does is assess your overall fitness, including identifying any weak muscle groups. He or she learns your goals and finds out if you have any special needs that would require making adjustments to the exercise form you use. Only then does the trainer design a program specifically for you.

You’ll learn a wide variety of exercises.

Trainers keep varying the exercises for a number of reasons. The first is so you’ll look forward to each day and never be bored. More important than that is the fact your body can become to accustomed and efficient doing the same at exercise, so it isn’t as difficult and doesn’t burn as many calories. Doing the same routine repeatedly can also cause muscle strain.

The trainer makes certain you use the correct form.

While watching the trainer doing the exercise is important, having him or her watch you do it is just as important. Sometimes you may think you’re doing the exercise correctly, but you might be turning your arm wrong, breathing wrong or doing something else that can minimize the benefits or even cause injury. When the trainer watches you and doesn’t make any corrections, you know you’re doing it right.

You’ll save money by going to a boot camp.

When you go to a boot camp, you get the services of a personal trainer but at a fraction of the private session price. That’s because everyone shares in the cost of the trainer’s time, so it’s less per person. When you consider all the exercises you learn how to do correctly at a boot camp, you get a huge bargain because you can continue doing them after the boot camp ends.

Everyone will be doing the same exercise at a boot camp but perhaps at different levels of intensity, different numbers of repetitions and sometimes even different forms, based on fitness levels.

You’ll work hard, but never beyond your capabilities. However, as your fitness level improves, the trainer also adjusts your workout to reflect that improvement.

There’s plenty of comradery at a boot camp. Everyone is working their hardest and knows how difficult achieving a goal can be. You’ll often hear people cheer each other on to success or applaud when a goal is reached.

You’ll see results far faster than you’d ever see working out on your own. It can be a great way to ramp up your workout and get the success that can drive you even further.

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