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Don’t settle for just any Elk Grove weight loss program. Get one that gives you extra benefits. Obesity is the leading cause of preventable deaths, even surpassing cigarette smoking. Losing weight can help lower your blood pressure and get diabetes under control. The best way to do it is with a program of healthy eating and regular exercise. While you might diet to control these problems and shed pounds, adding exercise is the key to success in many ways.

Exercise improves your range of motion to help prevent injury.

Range of motion is your flexibility. If you have limited flexibility, you’re apt to injure yourself doing simple tasks. You know, the immediate sharp pain you feel when you bend wrong or lift even the lightest grocery bag. Injury can occur from simply bending wrong to tie your shoes. A program of exercise not only helps you shed pounds faster, it improves your range of motion.

You’ll fight off bone loss.

Studies show that exercise can help prevent bone loss and may even reverse it. Weight bearing exercise, which includes actual strength training or weight bearing exercise like walking, has been proven to be better for osteoporosis than some medications. In fact, some studies show it can reverse bone loss and make the bones denser.

Exercise boosts your metabolism, unlike starvation diets.

You can lose weight any time you eat fewer calories than you burn. However, increasing the number of calories you burn, while eating healthy is the best way to shed those unwanted pounds. That’s because you are boosting your metabolism as you build muscle tissue, so you’ll burn extra calories around the clock. When you use a super low calorie diet, it puts your body into starvation mode that slows your metabolism. That slower metabolism makes weight loss even more difficult.

You’ll build your endurance while you shed pounds when you add exercise to your weight loss program. That not only gives you more energy, it’s heart healthy too.

Adding exercise to your program not only helps you shed pounds, it helps you live longer and healthier. One study shows that for every minute you exercise, you gain seven minutes of life.

You’ll sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep helps prevent cravings for sugary products, it helps you think clearer, is heart healthy and gives you energy.

You’ll see your mood soar when you workout. Your body burns off stress hormones and replaces them with ones that make you feel fantastic.

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