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If you’ve been through hundreds of failed diets, special pills or weight loss programs and they all failed, you need to find an Elk Grove weight loss that guarantees success or its free. You also need a program that helps you take weight off and prevent it from returning. If you’re like many other people who dieted, you may have shed a few pounds but no matter where you hid, they found their way home….and they brought friends. Sometimes, a strict low calorie diet can be the problem.

Strict low calorie diets may take weight off fast, but they also cause other problems in the process.

Your body was made for survival. In ancient times, when cavemen were alive, there were times when food was scarce. The body made adjustments so the caveman didn’t die of starvation and slowed his metabolism. Today, the same is true. Our body doesn’t recognize a low calorie diet, but thinks hunger and famine. It goes into starvation mode that slows the amount of calories we burn. Those ten pounds lost on a starvation diet are quickly regained. Often extra pounds are gained too.

Normal dieting doesn’t work either.

Normal dieting means you eat a restricted menu or purchase special meals. Eventually that diet ends, either in success or with bag of Chips Ahoy, then you go back to old eating habits that put on weight in the first place. Instead of dieting, learning to eat healthier and make smarter decisions when it comes to food is far better. You might swap Greek yogurt for sour cream or eat an open face sandwich, saving some calories. Maybe you take fruit to work so you have a morning and afternoon snack and don’t raid the snack machine, saving even more. Each decision you make is a small change, but they all add up to huge calorie savings.

When you combine a program of exercise with healthy eating, you have a winning combination.

While any form of exercise will help you shed pounds, choosing a personal trainer to create that program not only helps you lose weight faster, it helps you get fit quicker. Normally only good personal trainers offer a money back guarantee, because they know they can help you reach your fitness goal, whether it’s weight loss or building strength or endurance. As you build more muscle tissue, you’ll also be boosting your metabolism.

When you work with a personal trainer, he or she creates a program for you based on your level of fitness, special needs and goals.

As you become fitter, the trainer adjusts the program to reflect your new fitness level.

You’ll find you have extra energy and be doing more activities that also burn calories.

Learning new healthier eating habits and following a program of regular exercise not only helps you take off weight and keep it from returning, but also extends your life and helps lower the risk of serious health conditions.

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