Exercise For People With No Time

not timeExercise for people with no time can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have time to get to the gym, you can make your workout quicker by doing strength building exercises. Kettlebells, for instance can give you a complete body workout and burn far more calories in a shorter time frame than aerobic exercises. It also improves all types of fitness, endurance, flexibility, strength and balance. Knowing the right type of workout will cut gym time in half, but what if you can’t make it to the gym?

Incorporate a workout with your daily activities.

If you’re cleaning the house, turn on some music and boogie through the housework. Not only will it be more fun, if you’re shaking your booty to the rhythm of the song, it adds a workout to your day. Moving your body is what exercise is all about. While this type of workout isn’t as effective as one designed by a personal trainer, it can help you when time is at a minimum and bust the stress you’re under at the same time.

Make things harder on yourself.

No, that doesn’t mean make deprecating remarks, it means go back to older ways of doing things, before modern inventions. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. It can help tone your lower body, burn calories and is great for your cardiovascular system. It may take a minute or two longer, but you’re trying to get in your exercise for the day, so it’s a quick benefit if you do it all the time. Carry your groceries on your arm or lift them into the car if you have too many. I know a woman who always tries to carry all the groceries on her arm to the car. She hooks the plastic bags over her arms, clenches them in her fist and basically looks like a walking grocery cart. If there’s too many, lift them in the carry and carry two loads or three into your home, making it heavy, but not impossible.

Do isometrics while you sit and stand a frequently.

Getting up from your desk and standing can give you a break that improves circulation and provides more blood to the brain. It helps cut the drowsies and even gives a little bit of exercise you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Tightening your muscles and doing isometrics while you sit provides some more exercise you wouldn’t have otherwise. Hang on to your chair seat and attempt to stand up, pulling the chair to your bottom as you do. It’s a bit of strength training you can do at your desk.

Get off the bus or subway a stop or two before your normal stop and walk the rest of the way.

Pace while you wait. Whether you’re reading emails, waiting for a bus or a friend, keep your body moving. Bouncing a bit waiting in line keeps the blood flowing.

Park far away from the store. Don’t waste gas circling the parking lot of the grocery or other store. Park at a distance and get your body working walking there.

Schedule your workout. If it’s not on your schedule, you probably won’t do it. Schedule a time to workout with a trainer who can show you time saving ways to maximize your workout.

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