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1. Innovative Strength & Conditioning is known for training pro and elite athletes, but can they train a “normal” person like me?

Many of the athletes we work with end up in college or in the newspaper but the majority of the people we train are “normal” people – people who do not earn their living by playing sports. We have years of experience in training those who want to improve and maximize their overall fitness. If fact, our client list has more accountants and more home-makers than All- Pros.

2. How to I obtain a Personal Trainer at Innovative Strength & Conditioning?

or more information regarding our Personal Training Performance Enhancement Program, please call or email Toraino Singleton at (916) 690-7270 or send an email to monstafitness@gmail.com

3. Is Innovative S&C Crossfit?

No. There are many similarities between Strength & Conditioning and CrossFit, but Strength & Conditioning is a proven method that has been around for decades. All college sports teams, Pro-sports teams and many high school sport programs have their very own strength & conditioning program and coach. CrossFit is new and emerging. While CrossFit has many great qualities, such as, a strong community, strong work-ethic and diverse workouts, they also tend to go to the extreme. Negative aspects include pushing harder and longer than necessary for results, not as concerned about form/technique which causes injuries and getting away from the basics.

The number one focus of Innovative S&C is correct form and technique so that teammates can continue to get results, injury free and safely. We have embraced the positive aspects of CrossFit into our program by creating innovative workouts, a team atmosphere, opportunities to compete, and always striving to get better!

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