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Anyone looking for great fitness results in as short of a time as possible, needs to investigate a fitness bootcamp in Sacramento. Fitness boot camps are created by personal trainers who spend years learning about the intricacies of the body, the effects of exercise and the best way to get change. They know how to assess overall fitness levels quickly. Boot camps also use very little equipment and often focus more on body weight exercises and calisthenics.

Trainers assess each participants overall fitness, learns their goals and any special needs before designing individualized plans.

Each person at the boot camp will have his or her own personal goals. The trainer considers special needs and modifies the form of some of the exercises to accommodate physical limitations of that person. For instance, people with bad backs may be doing bent knee push-ups rather than regular ones. While everyone may be doing a certain type of exercise, some will be using a different form, doing more repetitions or doing the exercise with more intensity.

You’ll learn a wide variety of exercises and also how to do each one correctly.

Trainers provide variety. That’s for two reasons. The first is to keep you interested and focused, but even more importantly, it’s to prevent your body from becoming too efficient. You might consider efficiency a virtue, but in this case, it just means your body does the exercise easier and doesn’t burn as many calories. That can cause plateauing. Learning to do the exercise correctly is also important to maximizing benefits and preventing injury. Not only does the trainer show you, he or she watches to insure you do it right.

You’ll get a huge bargain when you go to a boot camp.

Even though trainers run boot camps, the cost of attending one is a fraction of the cost of private sessions. That’s because everyone shares the expense of the trainer’s time, so it’s less per person. You’ll get other benefits too. Since you’ll learn a wide variety of exercises that use little or no equipment, you’ll have a wealth of workouts to do at home after the boot camp ends.

Since everyone has his or her own goals, each person, no matter how fit, will be struggling to achieve those goals. There’s plenty of empathy.

There’s plenty of motivating energy from the other participants. Each person knows how tough it is to achieve personal goals, so everyone is supportive of each other. Sometimes there are cheers from the group when someone achieves a difficult goal.

You’ll feel fantastic after just a few weeks. You’ll start seeing the amazing results of your efforts, which can also keep you motivated.

Some people sign up for a second boot camp immediately after the first one ends. They like the energy that comes from a group workout and the fact they get the help of a personal trainer.

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