Get Fit In Record Time

%image_alt%I can help you get fit in record time with the most innovative workouts available. A lot has been learned about the body since the first Olympic championships in ancient Greece. Every year we’re getting more and more scientific studies showing new ways to get faster progress. Up until the last century, daily tasks and work provided most of the exercise to help people stay in shape. Exercise plays an important role in good health, which is why there is now so many studies that examine it closely. I stay abreast of the latest information to help you get the best workout.

We have some special workouts that are fun, yet get you fit fast.

If you’ve never tried kettlebells, you’re missing a great workout. Kettlebells burn more calories than most other types of exercise, plus it works all muscles. It provides all types of workouts, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. You’ll accomplish more in less time using kettlebells. TRX is another fun workout that also maximizes results. Many of our clients love taking a break from weights and exercise to try a little kickboxing. You won’t even feel like you’re working out and time flies by fast.

I create individualized plans for each of my clients.

I not only care, I’m rooting for your success every step of the way. That’s one reason I may push you a bit, to see the best possible results. Before anyone starts working out at team ISC, I assess their overall fitness. I ask about goals or even help them set some if they don’t have any. I also find out if they have any special needs, such as back problems or bad knees, which might require an adjustment to the routine or form of the exercise. Each workout is tough and works the person toward their maximum potential…but that’s what gets the best results.

I won’t let you get complacent.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your level of fitness improves. That’s normally where people fail if they’re working on their own. At that point, I modify the workout to match the level of performance, so you’ll always be reaching for a more difficult goal and the workout will always be challenging. This type of program takes commitment from both of us, but it pays off in the end.

It’s not all about weight loss here. While weight loss is one reason people come to Team ISC, it’s not the only reason. No matter what your goal, whether it’s building your endurance, improving your game or feeling great, you’ll notice the difference quickly.

What you eat makes a difference too. I’ll help you learn how to eat healthier with nutritional information.

You’ll get a lot of support from the rest of the people at Team-ISC. We all work together to encourage one another to get the most from each session.

You’ll be glad you started after you feel the energy surge through your body and see how great you look and feel. In fact, many people actually bring friends and family to us once they see the great results.

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