Get Over Your Biggest Hurdles

Whether you’re trying to get fit or lose weight, you’ll probably be like most people and have a laundry list of reasons you can’t do it. Here are some ways to get over your biggest hurdles to a fit life. Most of the reasons are common and I’ve heard them hundreds of times previously. Of course, the first is lack of time. People often don’t realize that regular exercise boosts your energy level and helps you get tasks, both mental and physical, completed more quickly.

Lack of time, try these options.

Don’t try for a thirty minute walk each day or a thirty minute exercise ritual. Instead, break it down to two or three 10-15 minute sessions. You’ll get the same benefit. Walk more if you can’t workout. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further from the store and walk. Ride a bike to work instead of a car. Get up earlier. Yep, it’s the top way to get in exercise and while it may not sound appealing, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll start to feel.

Avoid boredom when you workout.

If you hate the mundane routine of working out, you probably are working out on your own because trainers vary it. However, for those who actually hate running and body exercises because they’re boring, here are some other ideas to try. Try kickboxing, boxing or martial arts. These give a total body workout and there’s never a boring minute. Workout with friends or a special friend. That can make it more fun. Vary your routine. Monday shouldn’t be the same as Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. One day should be bike riding, while another body weight exercises. Pack in the variety!

You want to get in shape before you join a gym.

I can’t tell you how many people put off coming here until they look good in workout clothes. While I find it surprising, since we have a very supportive team here, it’s real for them and that’s all that counts. Start by finding out the least crowded time and exercise then. Better yet, start building your own self-image and confidence by praising yourself for all the benefits you’re getting with each workout. You don’t have to wear tight fitting clothes to workout or make a fashion statement, just know you’re getting results.

  • If you’re too tired after work to exercise, workout in the morning or at lunch. However, once you find how exercise is a stress buster, you’ll definitely want to hit the gym as soon as you can after a day at work.
  • Schedule your exercise with your peak times. Nobody is up and energetic continually. Make sure you’re not scheduling on your low energy times.
  • Make an appointment with yourself to exercise in your planner on your phone and set the phone’s alarm to remind you of it.
  • Keep exercise clothes ready at all times. Loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes can have you ready to exercise at a moment’s notice. You’re more apt to use those extra minutes to workout or walk if you’re prepared.

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