Great Gifts For A Healthy Christmas

Whether you’re crafty and make your own gifts or opt for purchasing one, there are some great gifts for a healthy Christmas that include gifts of food. Food gifts that you make at home can include soups, granola and spiced nuts or popcorn. For those soups, you can either make them ahead of time and freeze them, or create a kit in a mason jar with directions, such as three bean and barley soup with elegant layers of dried beans and barley peeking through the jar. Of course, purchased healthy gifts can be anywhere from fruit baskets to the healthy boxed meals that are delivered to the home and then “assembled.”

Want something that lasts longer that a few settings?

There’s nothing better than a gym membership or a few sessions with a personal trainer, but then, I’m a bit prejudice. However, some appliances, such as a juicer, steamer or Magic Bullet can also be a welcome addition to a home where eating healthy is a top priority. The novelty may also encourage someone to become a healthier eater.

Get home exercise equipment.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on equipment that might just gather dust or become a clothes hanger. In fact, some of the best equipment is easy storage and inexpensive. A few of the items include resistance bands, kettlebells, weights and a yoga mat, which you can use for all exercises—not just yoga. One session with a trainer can help the person learn how to use it with the proper form. However, you can also get an exercise video to show the movements. It’s a guide, but not one that’s as good, especially when you’re working with kettlebells.

Go techy with the gifts.

There’s loads of great technology and aps that you can purchase for your phone. For smaller gifts, find the type of phone they have and get them an app to help with diets, exercise or tracking. For a bigger gift, consider a pedometer, heart rate monitor or fitness watch. The fitness watch seems to be the hot item this year, but the other two will help the dedicated and not so dedicated, but must exercise person.

  • Buy your favorite guy or gal a mountain bike and one for yourself. It’s the perfect way to start working out together, having fun and even saving gas. You can often find these at second hand shops and pawn shops at a super low price if cash is a problem.
  • A gift certificate for a massage can be a welcomed gift for anyone that works out regularly.
  • Get them a gift of essential oils. Some oils, such as lavender, are great to promote sleeping. Some oils invigorate. Aromatherapy bath salts are also great.
  • Create a window herb garden for your special friend. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.

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