Group Classes

Innovative strength & conditioning offers the highest level of group training in Sacramento, CA.

Whether you want to lose weight, lose inches, get stronger, be a better athlete, increase your metabolism, improve your nutrition, gain confidence, meet new people or just improve your overall health and fitness, our expert team of certified personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches are committed to providing the right game-plan for you to reach your goals.

What makes us so different? Training at our facility is like joining a team. We all have different goals and different strengths & weaknesses, but we support each other. We respect people from day 1 for coming and trying something new, we care about each other and we support each other in and out of the gym.

Our dynamic, fun, results-oriented workouts combine:

  • Conditioning workouts
  • Plyometrics
  • Core training
  • Olympic lifting
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Flexibility


FREE TRIAL1 Week Group Training

Innovative Strength & Conditioning Group Training is the most effective way to melt fat and tone up fast while getting support from your peers. This fun program is available for all fitness levels.

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Shredder Program

Burn Fat, Gain Energy, Build Muscle using these super effective proven exercises & workouts. Save time by using movement based exercises that target over 600 muscles in one go. Avoid Injury by learning the right way to structure your workout program and perform the exercises. 

  • Metabolic Acceleration The Deprivation Week...How to Use FOOD to Give Yourself BIG Gains in Lean Muscle WITHOUT Gaining ANY Fat
  • MASSIVE Overload Put Your Body In The Most HIGHLY Anabolic State You Have EVER Experienced
  • Keep EVERY Ounce Of Lean Mass You've Gained and Build Superhuman "Forklift" Strength
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