How Much Exercise Is Enough

People often wonder how much exercise is enough and there is no one right answer, but a range of possibilities that start at 150 minutes a week. The reason for the range is that everyone’s goal’s are different. If you’re a professional athlete, you’ll workout more than the person who just wants to stay fit. Even within the “staying fit category,” there will be differences. While 150 minutes a week is the recommended amount to start, it’s also noted that 180 to 300 minutes is even better.

Identify your goal.

Do you want to shed weight, build muscles or endurance? The benefits you get from a workout depends on what you put into it. Are you working out for heart health? One new study showed that you may need as much as 120 minutes a day five days a week or ten hours a week at the gym to get maximum heart health benefits. Of course, there are other goals besides good health, even though it’s normally part of every goal. Some people workout to lose weight and others want to build muscles.

Shedding pounds is a combination of working smart and putting in the time.

Not all exercises are alike when it comes to burning calories. Kettlebells burn more calories per minute than most other exercises. One reason we use the various exercises and workouts at Innovative Strength & Conditioning is because the various combinations get the most results, whether it’s building strength, burning calories, improving flexibility or increasing endurance. You need a minimum of 120 to 180 minutes a week for weight loss.

Building strength and endurance keeps you healthier throughout your life.

Strength training should be part of everyone’s workout. It not only helps prevent diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis, it also builds lean muscle mass while you shed fat. Endurance training is heart healthy and keeps you going throughout the day, no matter how long it is. Spending 30 minutes on each a week is a starting point.

– Discuss your goals with your personal trainer to find how much time you should spend working out each week.

– While working out more can bring better results, there comes a point when it slows results and can even cause injury or illness. Your body needs recovery time.

– Make sure you include all four types of exercises in your workout. While strength training is important, so is flexibility, balance and endurance.

– Putting in the right amount of time with the right combination of exercises is important, but not as important as staying focused an maintaining motivation to continue until you reach your goal.

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