Innovative Training

%image_alt%We like to think we provide innovative training, well, frankly, because we do. If you’re tired of the same old thing week after week, it’s time to change it up and have fun at your workout. You’ll still get a great workout to melt fat or get you into better shape, but it will never be boring. No matter what your level of fitness, we have something new and interesting for every client.

Have you ever tried kettlebells?

We like to call people who love these helpful workout tools swingers. It comes from the fact that they aren’t really lifted, but swung. They work the whole body and burn more calories than most forms of exercise. That’s because they aren’t balanced weights, like barbells or dumbbells, so your core has to work harder for stability. Kettlebells also provide all types of exercise from balance and flexibility to strength and endurance. You’ll get quick results using these and they’re fun.

TRX/Suspension training works your whole body at once.

This type of training not only provides a total body workout, it also works on all types of fitness, including strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. It’s unique because you simply have to change your stance or position slightly and what was once simple, becomes far more difficult. It destabilizes your muscles so you’re always working on core muscles and that means you’ll get great abs faster. Best of all, the workout may be hard, but it’s also fun working with this tool.

Improve your athletic performance or get fit enough to have fun with the kids without wearing out.

We have something for everyone, whether it’s the person who never worked out any harder than hunting for the remote or the professional athlete that wants to improve their performance. That’s a wide range to offer, but it’s simple when you create individualized programs. In fact, we offer the highest level of sports performance in Sacramento, so even if you’re a beginner and not an athlete, you know you’re working with the best. Our equipment and workouts are flexible enough to create workouts for people at all levels of fitness. They’re comprehensive so you’ll be ready for anything that life or the game has to offer.

You’ll reduce potential injuries when you workout with us. This is true no matter what your fitness level. We promote functional fitness at all levels building strength and flexibility to help reduce injuries that can set you back for months.

Innovative training is also good for the mind. It helps you stay sharp and focused on the exercise. That can make the time fly by quickly.

You’ll spend less time in the gym using us. We use techniques that get more accomplished for your fitness in far less time.

Working in a group atmosphere can save you money, while also providing a great deal of support from the group. We provide group training that includes people of all levels of fitness.

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