ISC Coach

Alex Leeth, ISC Coach

Growing up overweight, I constantly felt the pressure of arbitrary limitations that I placed upon myself in almost every aspect of my life, whether it was academics, social settings or my own physical capabilities. However, it wasn’t until I actually began the process of accepting responsibility for my own physical fitness that I realized I had always been my own greatest obstacle. In essence, fitness has served as a catalyst in improving my quality of life in all venues; not because I’m healthier, but because I discovered the true extent to which I can push myself and accepted that I can break my own mental barriers as soon as I choose to do so.

With respect to fitness, training has very little to do with physical capability and much more to do with mental capacity – we all have to start somewhere after all. We each decide how far we are willing to go, or how much we are willing to commit to achieve our goals. Once the commitment is made, the results are sure to follow.

ISC Coach Alex Leeth