Monthly Exercise Calendar

A monthly exercise calendar can take the guesswork out of exercising, so you don’t have to think…just do the exercises. You don’t have to worry whether it’s cardio day or a day to build strength. It’s laid out ahead of time, you just have to do it. A quick glance in the morning lets you know, not only what you’ll be working on that day, but also what time you’ll be working on it. It gives you a goal to achieve for the day and helps you adjust your workout based on how easy or difficult it was.

No matter how pressed for time you are, your workout is already on your calendar.

It’s too easy to skip a workout when you plan it for “some time during the day.” Sometimes, “some time”never happens. When you already have it listed as an “appointment,” you can work the rest of your schedule around that time, just as you would any other appointment. In a truly hectic time, you can reschedule it for another part of the day, like any other important meeting. The workout calendar helps you keep your appointment with fitness.

Workout calendars not only help you achieve your goals, they help you to see your achievements.

When you have a file for your workout calendar, you can go back several months to see how much you’ve improved. It’s a good way to help visualize just how much you’ve achieved, particularly if combined with weight and measurement charts. If you find the workout you set for yourself is too easy or too difficult at the end of the month, you can adjust the next months calendar to be more or less aggressive.

Workout calendars help you stick with the program and stay on track.

It’s easy to skip a workout, cut it short or do far less than planned (Does coasting downhill on an exercise bike in the workout room rather than continuously pedaling sound familiar?) With enough imagination and lack of a goal, your good intentions for exercising turn into very little accomplished in the time allotted. If you don’t have a specific goal set for the session, there’s always something to distract you from the workout. Before you know it, your workout time is over and you’ve accomplished nothing.

Sometimes part of the excitement to any goal is planning it and then accomplishing it. Not only does a workout calendar help you keep fitness goals, it’s good experience to help you with other goals in your life.

When you have a written goal, it’s a constant reminder and helps you achieve the goal.

You need an overall goal for the monthly workout calendar with each individual day being the steps to achieve it. When you create one, decide the improvement you want to see at the end of the month, then break it down in steps that help you reach it.

You can add weight loss goals to the workout calendar. Remember weight can fluctuate even when you’re diligently sticking to a diet and exercising, so you’ll get a better idea by looking at the total picture from start to finish for the month.

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