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Often, we may find ourselves hit jolts of motivation. Whether it be from an inspiring athlete, a health scare, a friend seeing results or just how our clothes are fitting are all reasons we decide, this, this will be the time I hit my goals and become stronger and healthier. Generally, most people look into an active routine via corporate gyms, group classes or take up jogging, etc. Within 6 weeks, after committing some time, an individual starts to waver from their plans. Results arent coming “fast enough” and their initial motivation has died down. Not only do we offer ISC Strong (strength) and High Performance (conditioning), boxing and yoga classes, but we also offer MyZone.

What is MyZone you ask? MyZone is a monitor you wear around your chest. It is a way to track your progress within your workout and provides that instant gratification. It allows you to see that your workout is efficient and focused towards your goals, while you are putting in work. It tracks every bit of your workout by the beat of your heart and the data is transferred into a points system called MEPs (MyZone Effort Points). It is 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine and out does the wrist-based devices as those cannot accurately track lifting, boxing, jumping or movement in other ways, as well as, if forarm muscles are tense. MyZone is for anyone as it measures effort rather than weight lifted or speed. Everyone has the ability to put in effort and this is precisely what makes MyZone successful and engaging.

This is one of the many different ways ISC helps achieve your goals. Ask a trainer today about MyZone (currently in stock) and dive into how much it can benefit you. ISC MyZone competitions are coming soon!

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