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People often go to the gym and do the same workout each time. Even worse they follow the same pattern from machine to machine, which not only creates boredom, also allows the body to become efficient at the moves so it doesn’t burn as many calories. If you see yourself as one of those people or find you’re plateauing on your present program, it may be time to add a Natomas yoga class to your workout to enhance the enjoyment and reap other benefits.

Your joints will thank you, particularly if you jog or do other exercises that jar the joints.

People with arthritis and joint problems benefit from exercise, but not all types of exercise. Some exercising actually damages the joints and can cause further inflammation. Yoga doesn’t. Instead it gently massages the joints squeezing out the synovial fluid that brings nutrients and oxygen to the joints. That allows oxygen and nutrient rich fluid to enter. Since joints don’t get blood, the synovial fluid keeps them healthy.

You’ll be doing all types of exercises at once.

When you workout at the gym, you may do flexibility exercises one day, strength training another and cardiovascular or endurance workouts a third day and totally omit balance exercises. Yoga provides all four types of exercise each time you do it. You’ll build strength while also stretching your muscles to help avoid injury. You’ll be amazed at how tough these exercises can be and how you’ll be gasping for breath. That’s your cardio popping in. You’ll also be working on balance as you hold a position on one leg.

You get a total body workout and even work the muscle that protect the joints.

Unlike spot exercises or even weight lifting, you’ll be working all the muscles at once….even some you didn’t remember having! You’ll get a core workout, while you work your arms and legs. Some breathing exercises even work the small muscles in your chest. There’s no need to do a lot of sets of different types of exercises when yoga does an all-in-one workout.

You’ll feel both physically and mentally fantastic after you workout. It not only helps boost the body, but it brings peace of mind.

You’ll provide help for your immune system. Yoga can help your body fight off serious illnesses. It also helps prevent serious conditions like high blood pressure.

You’ll be able to lose weight faster and build a beautiful strong body.

Not all yoga is quiet and meditative. Some power yoga gives you a harder workout than you ever thought possible. Check the type of yoga offered to insure it fits your needs.


    “I thought I was doing a pretty good job working out on my own. Then I joined Toraino’s Bootcamp and WOW! Results, results, results! I feel and look better than ever before. I have learned so much about fitness and the best exercises to do when I’m short on time as I use to think running was the best thing, boy was I so wrong! Toraino is the best coach I have ever worked with!”

    Bridgett R.


    “When I first met Toraino I thought he was going to kill me! To my surprise he did. But in such a polite manner. When I started with him I weight 175lbs and wore a size 16. I’m now 115lbs and size 4! I did not think I would ever lose that extra 60lbs. Toraino is such great trainer and a great educator. He gave me the confidence I always wanted. I love shopping again! Thank you so much.”

    Stacie M.

    “Toraino is one tuff trainer. I have the result to prove it. I have been following other programs for years, and never achieved results like this. The man knows his stuff.”

    Mark M.


    “I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of all your help. You have no idea how thankful I am, I am extremely lucky that you were willing to help me. I could not have made it this far already without you. When Debbie said that you are the best – I think that was an understatement!”

    Julie C.

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