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If you want a huge bargain in fitness, go to a Sacramento bootcamp. Personal trainers run boot camps and provide the same services as they do for their private clients. The trainer will assess your fitness level, learn your goals and find out if you have any special needs before he or she designs a program just for you. As your fitness level improves, the trainer adjusts the program to reflect that improvement.

You’ll learn how to do each exercise correctly.

Personal trainers also show you the correct form. That’s not enough, however. Sometimes people think they’re doing an exercise right only to injure themselves or get minimal results, finding out later their breathing was wrong, their body turned wrong or their arm placement wasn’t right. It’s easy to think we’re doing something right and not be doing it. That’s why the trainer also watches each person to insure they have the correct form.

You’ll get plenty of motivation from both the personal trainer and the group.

Trainers do provide a great deal of motivation, holding you accountable for your progress and encouraging you to continue when you’re discouraged. While you might get more face-to-face interaction time from private sessions for the trainer to do that, you get the benefit of the group interaction at a boot camp. Everyone notices when you don’t show up and if you’re goofing off not doing your best. People are all working toward their maximum potential and know how hard it is to achieve a goal, so often they cheer each other on and congratulate other members when they conquered a tough exercise.

You get all the benefits of having a personal trainer but at a fraction of the price.

You get a personalized program, great instruction, tracking and motivation, but don’t pay the same price as you would in private sessions. That’s because everyone shares the cost of the personal trainer’s time so it’s far less per capita.

Many boot camps use little or no equipment, so you learn exercises you can do at home after camp ends. You’ll have a wealth of workouts you learn how to do the right way at a boot camp and can continue working out at home.

You’ll meet fun, like-minded people at a boot camp. Boot camps aren’t for sissies, but for people who want to get fit.

You’ll get fitter faster. People often use boot camps to jump-start their weight loss or fitness program. Some people prefer the group atmosphere and sign up for the next boot camp when the first one ends.

You’ll feel fantastic after each session. You’ll be amazed at how much energy working out uses, but also replenishes. The more you workout, the more energy you seem to have.

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