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If you want to break away from the mundane for your workout, consider a Sacramento boxing or kickboxing session. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build strength or improve your cardiovascular system, this tough workout can do it. It gets all parts of the body moving and also helps increase balance and co-ordination at the same time. You’ll be punching away at fat, too. Boxing and kickboxing burns loads of calories as you punch, bob and weave in the ring.

Get rid of pent up hostility.

No matter how stupid the bosses remark was, you had to remain quiet. Whether it’s home or work, there are so many times you just want to bop the other person or say something quite inappropriate. We live in a somewhat civilized society and you have to keep those urges under control. A boxing or kickboxing workout can help you burn off the hormones created by stress plus get rid of the anger and frustration. Just pretend your opponent is the person that made you mad.

Boxing gives you core strength.

Working your core muscles burns calories fast and boxing does just that. It also helps build those core muscles, which include your abs. You’ll see them start to look sculpted and get a six pack in no time when you use boxing or kickboxing training. Best of all, you will also burn up huge amounts of calories, causing you to lose fat that might be hiding your toned muscles underneath.

If you’re a klutz, boxing can help.

Do you trip over even the smallest item in the room, drop dishes frequently and never catch the keys when a someone tosses them to you. Boxing can improve your overall coordination and your hand-eye coordination especially. It can help you become more graceful by improving the connection between the brain and body. You’ll also learn foot movements that need to be combined with upper body movements. That’s skill you’ll never get from normal exercise.

Boxing and kickboxing gives you cardiovascular training, but you’ll be focusing on other things and often not realize it. Most cardio works out the legs, this cardio comes from the upper body.

You’ll feel stronger and more self assured when you add boxing and kickboxing to your workout. That self-assurance can change your stance from victim to victor, making bullies and bad guys leave you alone.

You’ll really enjoy your time in the ring, even though it’s a tough workout.

Since the moves are constantly changing, your body never adjusts to them, so it never has a chance to become more efficient. That means you’ll always be burning maximum calories.

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