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If you are going to the gym to get strong and conditioned but find a lot of the attention goes toward tanning booths, juice bars and other fluff that certainly won’t help you get stronger, it’s time to take a stand. You need to consider the services of one of the Sacramento personal trainers that will get down to the business of fitness and avoid all the extras you don’t want or need.

Personal trainers create programs that address your needs.

Big box gyms try to please everyone and in the process water down their approach. A personal trainer works only for you to create a program based on your goals, special needs and fitness level. The trainer first assesses your overall fitness, identifying weaker muscle groups in the process. He or she then listens to goals and learns of any special needs, such as physical limitations that might require adjusting the form of some exercises. Only then does the trainer design a custom-made program for you.

You’ll work hard, but you’ll see results.

The program the trainer creates is meant to make you work toward your maximum potential. It will be hard, but still safely within your capabilities. Because of that, you’ll see progress far faster than you ever thought possible. As you become fitter, the trainer will adjust your program to reflect that improvement, so you’ll always be working toward your maximum potential. That’s normally a step most people fail to do when working on their own.

You’ll have variety in your workout.

Trainers don’t use just one type of exercise or a static workout program. They vary the workout to insure all muscles get thorough attention and also help eliminate boredom—a lethal problem in a workout. The trainer also varies the workout to prevent the muscles from becoming too efficient, which can cause plateauing.

You’ll learn the right form for each exercise when you work with a trainer. Not only does the trainer show you the correct form, he or she watches to insure you do it right. Doing an exercise improperly can cause injury or minimize the benefits.

The trainer will hold you accountable for your progress. It’s easy to slide through a workout and not give all your effort, unless you have someone watching you.

You’ll get plenty of motivation working with a personal trainer. The trainer can give you encouragement when you need it and also chastise you when that’s appropriate.

You’ll learn mental toughness from a trainer. Mental toughness is the ability to continue long after others might have quit.

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