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If you want to find the best form of exercise using a stationery bike, do you take a Sacramento spin class or go to a Sacramento indoor cycling class? There are differences, even though both are done on stationary bikes. Spinning attempts to mimic the ride that you might take outdoors on a traditional bike. Indoor cycling is more than just a spinning class. It offers added types of exercising to the bike ride.

Stick to the program with spin class.

You might be juggling hand weights while you ride or doing push-ups on the handlebars in an indoor bicycling class, but there’s none of that in a spin class. After all, since it’s meant to replicate the outdoor ride, you wouldn’t be doing push-ups or free weights on a ride in the park, would you? Spinning also has recovery days, where you try to keep your heart rate lower and more rigorous strength days. Inside cycling pushes it to the maximum and burns as many calories as possible.

Both types of stationary bike exercises improve your health.

While you won’t get the same level of exhaustion from a recovery day in a spin class as you would in every indoor cycling class, that doesn’t mean the recovery day isn’t doing any good. You need all types of exercises in your workout program. Often people who do indoor cycling have other types of exercises they do on alternate workout days. It may be yoga or something that burns calories, but doesn’t give you the same cardio workout that an indoor cycling class does, particularly when it’s combined with weights, body weight exercises or other upper body exercises.

Ask what the class is like before you sign on the dotted line.

Even if you’ve attended spin classes before, some instructors don’t follow the rules and add their extra “spin” (excuse the pun) to the workout. Some indoor cycling is meant to be more like a spin class, where you control how far you push yourself and workout to your maximum. Both types of classes may use heart rate monitors and build the program on that. Both types of classes may have endurance, strength, recovery or race days where the amount of exertion varies. Check before you sign up to insure you’re getting into the right type of class for your needs.

If you’re training for a bike race, a spin class might be just what you want. If you want a butt kicking workout that will maximize the time spent in the gym, indoor cycling should be your choice.

Always check to see if you can reserve bikes online before you arrive. Otherwise arrive early to insure you get the bike you want, whether it’s in the front of the class or in the last row.

Drink plenty of water before, during and after the class. Staying hydrated is important no matter what type of exercise program you do.

You set the bike resistance based on your level of fitness. Your personal trainer will help you find the best one for your fitness level.

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