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If you want to try something a different approach to exercise, consider Sacramento spin classes or indoor cycling classes. Spinning is a trademark name that is a specific program based on outside cycling brought indoors. All spinning classes are indoor cycling classes, while not all indoor cycling classes are spin classes. Both types of cycling classes have a lot to offer when it comes to fitness.

Spin classes tend to be designed to be the primary form of exercise.

The same isn’t true of all indoor cycling classes. With spin classes, you have various types of days. Monday might be strength day with the ride focusing on building strength, while Tuesday’s ride is much milder and for recovery. The workout centers on achieving the right heart rate and mimicking riding outdoors. Indoor cycling has no particular rules, it all varies by the type of class you take and the instructor. There may be times you’re using weights or doing push-ups on the handlebars, which you obviously wouldn’t do outside.

Spinning may be the whole program.

Because spinning has several different types of days, it’s meant to be the bulk of your exercise program. That’s not necessarily true about indoor exercise. Most indoor cycling that’s not spinning doesn’t have specific days for a restful ride or a push it to the limit ride. It’s normally part of an overall exercise program and used as one of the many types of exercises to add variety. Boxing, yoga and other forms of exercise may also be part of that program.

Spinning and indoor exercising is fun.

Normally there’s music playing to help you blank out the rest of the world and get into your zone. You are in charge when you’re on the bike and can go as fast and hard as you want. However, to maximize results, following the instructor is the best. You set the resistance level of the bike based on your fitness level.

No matter which type of cycling you choose, you’ll burn calories and build muscles, as well as building endurance.

Both types of cycling emphasize feeling comfortable. Wearing padded cycling shorts or getting a padded seat cover can help.

Staying hydrated is particularly important when you exercise. Just as an outside biker should have a bottle of water, you should be drinking before, during and after you cycle. The sessions can be long so take plenty of fluids.

If you want a total body workout, use an indoor cycling program that has upper body exercises blended into it, such as lifting weights while riding.

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