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Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll reap huge benefits by adding a Sacramento yoga class to your workout schedule. Watching the calm slow movements of yoga in a video may make it seem like it’s only for people who want to relax and don’t want to build strength. You’ll change your mind once you try it and find out just how hard those “simple” movements really are. You’ll be sweating as you hold a position, no matter how strong you are. It’s tough!

Lifting weights can build muscles, but it won’t increase your range of motion.

Too often people look to activities such as weight lifting to build their muscles, only to build them and get an injury while doing it. Strong muscles need to be flexible to help you avoid that injury. Yoga stretches your muscles as it strengthens them, which helps prevent injury as you become stronger. The more flexibility you have, the less prone you are to injury at other areas that may seem unrelated. Increasing hip mobility can help relieve thigh problems. Loosening hamstrings can help back problems.

Improving your range of motion can help more than just prevention of muscle tears and injury.

Cartilage and joint injury often occurs after repeated abuse. Running, for instance can be quite damaging to joints. When you workout with yoga it pushes out old fluids and replenishes the area with new nutrient rich ones, which help keep cartilage healthy and aid in preventing it from wearing out quicker than necessary. It helps the tendons to become more elastic, so they don’t become injured either.

Improve your cardiovascular system with yoga.

You may not think of yoga as an aerobic exercise but studies show differently. One study showed that doing yoga can lower your resting heart rate, while also increasing endurance and improving oxygen intake. These are normally improvements people get from cardio workouts. Yoga can also improve the efficiency of the way the body uses oxygen.

Once you try yoga, you’ll find out just how hard it really is. Not only does it work all the muscles in the body, but holding a position can build muscle strength and your endurance.

When you practice yoga, it provides many health benefits too. It can help lower blood pressure, reduce pain from arthritis, improve back pain and boost your immunity.

Adding yoga to your workout creates another way to make it more interesting, while working all body parts. You’ll never be bored when you vary the way you exercise and you won’t be allowing your body to be come more efficient, burning fewer calories.

Yoga can help you relieve stress and brings peace of mind when practiced on a regular basis.

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