Share Your Passion

%image_alt%Exercising is more fun, especially when you share your passion with the important people in your life. That’s one reason our group training sessions are so popular. People often get together to create a group that’s not only about getting fit, but also about having fun in the process and supporting one another toward goals. It’s an economic way to get the benefit of having a personal trainer and the participants don’t all have to be at the same fitness level.

Couples night becomes healthier.

If you and your significant other get together regularly for couples night, why not make it a healthy one? Start a couples night group workout before you go out for dinner. You’ll learn ways to eat healthier too. It can change the whole dynamic of the group, creating more active things to do after working out once you all get into shape and have more energy.

Create a winning combination with a team workout.

Sure, you’re all in great shape, but you’ll be amazed at just how much better you could be. Imagine everyone on the team working at top capacity. When you do that, the sky’s the limit. You’ll start seeing more wins and far better performances. Even if you aren’t a starter, consider getting the B team together to give them a run for their money. Your physical shape and mental attitude play an important role in whether you’re a bench warmer or the starting string.

Boys night out or girls night can be done with a twist.

I know people who workout right before club hopping or going to guys’ or gals’ night out. While I’m not saying it’s mandatory, it does give them an edge. It not only helps them get into shape, it burns off the hormones from the stress of the day and replaces them with ones that make them feel good. That comes off as someone who’s more relaxed and enjoying life, not to mention the improvement in their confidence and appearance.

You’ll have fun a ISC. We do more than just calisthenics and weight lifting. We have innovative techniques like kettlebells and TRX.

While a group workout with a trainer is fun, you’ll also see huge improvements in your fitness level and body in a very short time. You’ll not only look fantastic, you’ll have more energy than you thought possible.

You’ll cement the bond of friendship when you workout together. Sure there is some friendly competition, but there’s also a great deal of support.

If you have never worked out before and want to try it before introducing it to friends, we have a one week free trial you can use.

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