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Learn More About ISC Strong & ISC Performance -Unlimited Access

This program gives you the opportunity to include multiple modalities and styles of training to build muscle, improve conditioning, and maintain joint and tissue health using our wellness and recovery zone.

What’s included:

  1. Unlimited access to ISC strong ($160.00 value).
  2. Unlimited access to ISC high performance ($135.00 value).
  3. Unlimited access to wellness and recovery zone ($80.00 value).

ISC Strong


Learn More About ISC Strong

This program was built as a foundational phase to build strength.

ISC Strong is a 3 Day Split program that uses the most joint friendly exercises in the proper sequencing to reduce joint stress, while increasing strength, building lean muscle, shredding body fat, and building athleticism, all while working on mobility and flexibility.

Expert Guidance: Our certified coaches create and lead each workout, ensuring that you’re performing each exercise correctly and efficiently.

Customization: Our coaches can tweak workouts to fit your individual needs, making sure each exercise is right for you.

ISC High Performance


Learn More About ISC High Performance

Conditioning – Tu/Th/Sa

Our ISC High performance conditioning method features three unique forms: Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Hybrid. Each delivering a concentrated, high intensity focus – always with an emphasis on moving your body and improving athleticism 

Dynamic Atmosphere: Feed off the energy of fellow fitness enthusiasts as you push through challenging, high-impact workouts. 

Accountability and Motivation: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will support, encourage, and motivate you to push past your limits.  

YOUTH Sports performance


Learn More About Youth Sports Performance

Our youth athlete training sessions revolve around fun activities and drills that will ingrain lifelong fitness habits in your young athlete so they have the best opportunity to succeed in athletics and in life. Our sessions focus primarily on:


Add-On Recovery Services

  • $60/mo or $20/drop-in
  • Free try before you buy

OPEN GYM – $50/MONTH Usage of the facility any time during open hours

OPEN GYM ULTIMATE – $80/MONTH 24/7 access to the facility using a key fob

RESULTS IN ADVANCE – $499 6 week program in depth nutrition guidance, body comp testing, specialized programming & full access.
Free try before you buy


  • At Team-ISC, we know who we are and who we serve.
  • We are for everyday men and women looking to maximize their potential, not fitness competitors.
  • We are for those who want structure and guidance, not random.
  • We are for those who want a gym, not a studio.
  • We are for those who want to follow principles, not gimmicks.
  • We are for those who want to build, and learn.
  • We are for those who want a routine, not a “6 week challenge”.
  • We are for those who want to Become More.

Our Process

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"I started noticing a huge improvement, it was great finally being out of pain!"
- Jamie

"Since I startedcoming here I can't stop. The people at I.S.C are so helpful!"
- Sadie

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No, while we may look similar and share some basic crossover, we are not the same as the sport of fitness by intention.

Similar ingredients, different recipes.

We have always placed more emphasis on self improvement and togetherness over class competition, accessibility for all levels, safety for a general population environment, and a culture that nurtures development rather than intimidation. This has been our DNA since 2006 and why so many everyday women and men choose to call us home.

Here, we are about achievement, not just mindless sweat.

The average workout is about 60 minutes and uses barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, cardio equipment, and more.

While everyday is completely unique, our ISC program follows 4-6 week cycles that narrow down specific goals and expected outcomes, so that you always have a refreshed focus and plenty of variety.

Some days you will lift more challenging weight in a more controlled, coached manner. Other days you will workout faster, and with higher intensity. The result is a perfectly balanced program that develops strength, burns fat, and builds muscle.

All completely customized for your goals, ability, and starting level.

We provide more value than any other membership out there. In just one comprehensive monthly fee, you get access to: workout programming, professional coaching, an intimate experience where classes are always capped, a supportive community, goal and achievement oriented programming, personalized attention, and accountability.

Our system has been proven effective since 2006, and you receive the ease of knowing that what you’re doing will produce results. All you have to do is show up

You’d be surprised at how many times we have heard that during consultations over the years or variations on that sentence.

The truth is, for a lot of people it is a really scary thing, even if you are looking at going into a private facility, and working 1 on 1 with a coach. They often worry about being judged by the other members of the gym they are joining, or even by the coach they are looking to work with. 

People worry that they aren’t ‘fit’ enough to join a gym, or even to work with a coach, so they decide to start getting in shape on their own before taking the plunge. 

The coaches at ISC always assess the client and we always meet you where you’re at. We progressively build you up. Fitness is a journey, not a destination.